Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fu Gu Sushi

I apologize for not posting anything in the last couple of days. Life has been very busy since Friday, and I'm still trying to work on making time for everything. But do not fret! This blog will not get set on the back burner, I love it too much. 

Anyway, this Saturday was my first review and I enjoyed doing it so much! Though there were some minor issues with planning, those little inconveniences led me to this great sushi restaurant. And get this, it's only ten minutes away from my house! I was so very pleased and plan on going back there again. I'm still a little shocked though, because I would have never expected to find a place like that here in Pickerington. I'm so used to seeing billions of pizza shops and fast food restaurants here that it seemed almost impossible for there to be anything else.

I was a tad apprehensive at first when I got there for many reasons; one I was alone on my first review and two, the outside appearance does the restaurant no justice. But once I stepped inside the whole atmosphere changed. The warm hues of orange and red had subdued me into a peaceful state of mind, and the small space felt so inviting. To my left was a bar where you could watch the chef prepare your sushi, and to my right were a few booths. 

The restaurant wasn't crowded when I arrived, but then again I did show up fifteen minutes before their closing time. They were all still very nice despite the fact that I came in so late, I know it's their job to be courteous, but we all know how people can be when you show up right before it's time to close. They were especially nice though, so that really added to my experience. The waitress presented me with a menu, which I attempted to scan hastily but I was overwhelmed by a hungry stomach and lots of yummy things to choose from. Still in a mad pursuit of what I should choose, I remembered I was on a budget and was able to narrow my search down rather quickly. 

I ordered the Shrimp Tempura Roll and a California Roll as well. Despite the fact that I have eaten California Rolls numerous times, they sounded too good to pass up. The Tempura Rolls, on the other hand, I had never tried and couldn't wait to dig in. My sushi only took about ten minutes to make and only cost me $9! I felt like Rachel Ray on $40 A Day, the only thing missing was a camera crew. Sushi in hand, it was time to head back home and chow down. If I could drive and eat with chop sticks at the same time I probably would have devoured everything before I pulled into my driveway, yes I was that hungry. 

After arriving home, speaking with my family, and taking a few pictures of my meal I was ready to dive in. I tasted the California roll first, which was "Oh-so-delicious!". They were fresh and the perfect temperature, which meant a lot to me because I really don't like cold sushi. In my opinion it takes away some of the flavor. I ate a few of those and then it was on to the Shrimp Tempura Rolls. These rolls were amazing, and I really wish I could get some for lunch today. Hmmm, $4.50 for another Shrimp Tempura Roll, yes please! The sauce on the outside of the rolls is what hooked me. It was a dark but sweet sauce, this surprised me since I expected it to have a similar taste to soy sauce. The sweetness of the sauce paired with the soy sauce that I love to dunk my sushi in balanced out perfectly.

I also paired this sushi with some of the ginger provided, and it tasted divine! Maybe that's just because I am a fan of ginger, but I recommend trying it and try out this awesome restaurant! I'm starting to appreciate the beauty in poor planning and minor mishaps now, because if none of that had ever happened I never would have found Fu Gu Sushi. So the next time you're out and craving some quality sushi, stop by Fu Gu Sushi! Maybe you'll even get a 10% off coupon like I did. Ooh! Now I'm definitely stopping by there for lunch. Score! Talk to you soon foodies!

                                                                                                                                             Yours Truly,

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